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Premium care cancellation

I want to make sure that my Premium Care service is cancelled.


On April 8th 2020 I received an email stating that my premium care was cancelled due we were returning all the items on the order (S20 phone + buds + cover) due very poor phone performance.


Today, I received an email saying that my premium care was succesfully charged! I just want to cancel everything that has to do with Samsung but no one is giving me answers.


I was on the phone a few minutes ago with a samsung rep and he mentioned he would escalate the situation to check what happened but I just ask to have the premium care cancelled while they do all their investigations.


How can I sent an email to Samsung support so I can forward the emails that I have received and clarify this situation?

Product Expert

Re: Premium care cancellation

Hello @useraDod3wEtL8 , I am sorry that you are dealing with this. I would recommend you to contact them again and possibly speak to a supervisor to confirm that the situation is being handled correctly. There direct section number is 866-371-9501. I hope this helped and keep us updated with what happens. If you have any questions or concerns we are here to help you. Have a wonderful day!