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Premium care charges on statement from 05/14/2018

(Topic created on: 4/16/21 2:17 PM)
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I am trying to reach out to anyone who had issues in the past from the Samsung Premium Care team. I had purchased a Samsung S9+ on 05/14/2018 and have purchased Premium care and after two years I did trade in the phone on 05/01/2020 for a new phone. From last one year, I see a charge on my TD bank statement when called TD bank they said the outstanding amount is for the the premium care that I bought in 05/14/2018 and since 05/01/2020 there is no premium that is not being paid for that promotion they are charging interest on that phone. They say Samsung need to take care of that charge and Samsung says they don't see any charge on their side.

This has been an ongoing saga for me since last 4 months trying to call both the side to get this resolved. Not sure how I can get this taken care and who is responsible to resolve this issue Samsung or TD bank. Any pointer for this to get this resolved would be of a great help. I am sure I am not going with Samsung Financing anymore in the future and also do not recommend Samsung Financing again.

Thanks, in Advance

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