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Problem with one of Good Guardians apps

(Topic created: 05-18-2022 07:16 AM)
Cosmic Ray
Samsung Apps and Services
I have a Samsung Galaxy A71 5G UW phone running Android 12. In the Good Guardians app there is an app called Media File Guardian, and it is supposed to scan media files to clean up any thing wrong. When I open the Media File Guardian app and press the scan button there is a spinning wheel that just spins and spins. I tried it a few times, once for 2 hours, then again for 10 hours, and once again I left it continue with what it was supposed to do for 24 hours. And it did nothing but spin. I have cleared cache and data. And I even force stopped it and unistalled and reinstalled it, and nothing seems to work. I have even wrote an email to Samsung support about this a month ago and I have yet to receive any response. 
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