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Question about App Backup size, Samsung account security, & remote unlock for first time user

(Topic created: 11-13-2022 09:15 PM)
Cosmic Ray
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Hello, I'm setting up my first Samsung Galaxy phone and am trying to understand the features.


App Backup Size

  • When I backup app data to Samsung Cloud, it shows as 2GB. Is this the actual data that was transferred?

When I backup to Google Drive, app data is only 20MB.

If I delete app data from Samsung Cloud web browser and usage drops to 1MB, and then back up app data again from the phone, it only takes 5 seconds to complete and appears again as 2GB in the Samsung Cloud web browser. So either the value is wrong, or maybe it's pulling the data from Cloud trash?

  • Are subsequent app backups incremental, or will it constantly upload 2GB every day?


Samsung Account Password

  • Why is a Samsung Account password necessary if the account was created with a Google Account signing (OAuth token), and a password reset is possible by code sent to email, if you are already logged into your Google Account anyway? What happens if you don't create a password?


Remote Unlock

  • How safe is remote unlock with backup of your lock screen PIN-unlock credentials? What are the risks of the PIN getting compromised from Samsung's storage or unauthorized usage of the unlock feature? Is it stored encrypted, end-to-end?
  • How do 2 features, "retrieve calls & messages", and "Backup" in Samsung Find my Mobile, initiate if you don't enable remote unlock first?


Samsung Keyboard Clipboard History

  • Is there a way to disable the Samsung Keyboard clipboard history? I find that sensitive copied text is being stored in history, and wonder if they're being stored securely in Samsung Cloud backups and also locally.
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