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Ready for a change in the Samsung world

(Topic created: 05-06-2022 10:41 PM)
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After all these years I'm still unable to send/receive good photos or videos when texting an iPhone user. I'm tired of it.. can we get this fixed already. Shoot maybe make a phone that is compatible with apple phones. Like come together and make a Samsung phone with imessage and some other features so that we can stop having these problems and others like it. It's frustrating. And/or make your own system that not included in the android world. Samsung should be it's own thing like apple by now. It should be Apple and Android. It should be Apple, Samsung, and Android. Let's get this going!!! ASPA
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Samsung Apps and Services
Yeah thats not going to happen anytime soon cause Apple doesn't want it to be easy like that. Android would happily adopt iMessage. Google and Samsung have said so. But to Apple iMessage is the main selling point to ios. Android can't make a phone that works with a iPhone like that through sms cause of that. Go to Apple and complain or use a different app like whatsapp, telegram or etc
Samsung Apps and Services
Samsung has no say it in. They can't simply make a phone compatible with imessage. RCS which allows Android phones to send original quality pics, video, and to see when someone read ur mssg and see when their typing ect. Google offerd this to Apple and they refused to adopt it. Untill apple stops restricting things (which will never happen lol) samsung can't do anything