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Refrigerator failure

(Topic created: 08-19-2021 05:04 AM)
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The Samsung two-door refrigerator, which I had previously conveyed, was purchased in 2010. A week later, a motor failure was encountered and it was replaced with a new one by us. However, it malfunctioned again in 2011, and since the warranty of the newly brought refrigerator was reduced, it was repaired at an additional cost. After working without any problems for a while, the failure in the cooling system started to repeat every 2 years. Although it was tried to be fixed by paying a repair fee every time, it malfunctioned again while on vacation this summer and the engine became inoperable. Each time all of our products broke down and we had to throw them away. It was reported to the service again and it was said that there was an engine failure and they said that since it was 10 years old, the engine was not found and they could not do anything. We conveyed the situation to the complaint authority and demanded that we are victims and that they be given a new refrigerator. However, they stated that they could not be supported since 10 years had passed in their feedback.

They suggest that we throw away the Samsung refrigerator, which we have not been able to achieve properly in 10 years, although a 10-year rule has been set for them. We don't understand what kind of customer understanding is this, what kind of company vision is this!

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