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Reminder app not updating date on completed recurring tasks.

(Topic created: 12-03-2021 10:23 AM)
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I have a few recurring tasks set up in the Reminder app, and I've had this issue happen a few times.

When checking off a task as complete, it'll reappear as due for the same date that was completed. If I navigate to the Completed tasks menu, it'll show that same task multiple times for the same date for every time I checked it complete. The only fix I've found is to delete the task, re-create it, but that is only a temporary fix before it happens again. I've wiped the data on the app, and that does not prevent this from happening.

At first, I thought the Reminder app was just duplicating the task every time I completed it, but I was able to determine that the task is being checked off—just without the date getting updated.

I have Reminder synced with Microsoft To-Do, and the date is updated in the To-Do app on Windows while the date stays the same in then Reminder app on my phone. Screen shots below.

The only thing that's different about my usage when this started to happen is that I "upgraded" from the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G and Galaxy Watch 3 to the Z Flip 3 and Watch 4 Classic (PSA: keep your Watch 3—trust me). That's all that changed, and now the Reminder app keeps having this problem. I've even factory reset my phone to no avail.

I don't see any other place to report this issue to Samsung, so I'm posting here. I'm probably just going to switch back to TickTick anyway. It's a much better reminder/task app.


Screenshot 2021-12-03 101600.png

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