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Reporting Very bad experience with Samsung

(Topic created: 05-15-2022 11:22 PM)
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I'm reporting this bad experience on behalf of my self and my friend and a very large segment that you can find simply by googling the following issue with my phone and almost 99% of other Samsung phones:

I have Samsung Galaxy a71 Android 11  UI 3.1 and I'm having a very bad experience being forced to only use the Samsung Free app which is totally useless for me me & a large segment of Samsung users as almost all if not all I can see on it is just games which is something completely uncomparable to Google Discovery or even any other service other than "Free" or the current content on it, and where the bad experience is that the whole left side of the home page is now considered an important part that no longer exists on the MAIN HOME Screen to me and a large segment for being totally useless, so please work on improving our experience as smart phones are getting smarter as their manufacturers are supposedly getting smarter specially in today's market which is already very competitive, trust me as I am a marketer who is now a 4 years experienced inbound Telesales international Advisor in the #1 network in the world and I have all of the feedback and good insights of the market, and my advise is that my working on making this free app something hard to get you turn it into a demand in a world that most of the consumers are turning into simple ones is not basic needs because of the economical situation that won't get better at least for a year from now I like you Samsung so please don't lose such medium to large segment in such exceptional time to the consumers again in such a very competitive market

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