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Reward Users with More Rewards

(Topic created: 09-13-2021 10:12 PM)
Samsung Apps and Services
Hey Samsung,

I think it's great that you offer rewards for purchasing your products and services. But what was the reason you removed methods to earn Rewards Points? We use to be able to ear points for using Samsung Pay. That was awesome! But then you took it away along with Magnetic Secure Transfer. Those were THE two big things that set Samsung Pay apart from Google Pay and Apple Pay. Now for Samsung owners they can flip a coin between using your payment method or Googles on the same phone. 

You've brought back other features (Though some are more cumbersome to use than they once were--Spen to Text) why not bring those previous mentioned one back? Allow users to earn Rewards Points not only for referring friends and family to Samsung.com but offer a Referal ID # to each user to give to others. Formulate some way to allow users to get points for referring others to buy your products outside of Samsung.com. Like at Best Buy or corporate carrier stores. It just doesn't seem like anyone would refer others to the website to save 5% when other stores have savings higher than that. 
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