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SAMSUNG health Activity Calories and burn suddenly decreased

(Topic created: 05-03-2024 08:46 PM)
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Hello, so, I've been trying to stick to using the health app for the past month or two, recently started recording meals the past 3 weeks.

Yesterday my calories burned and active calories took a nosedive despite all other indicators:

Monday 11.4k steps, 123 active time, 754 active calories, 2.9k burned total

Tuesday 11.5k steps, 122 active, 737 Active cals, 2.9k burned

Wednesday 10.5k steps, 106 active, 662 Active cals, 2.9k burned

Thursday 12.5k steps, 133 active minutes, 391 active calories, 2.58k burned 

Today thus far as of 8:42 PM:
13.5k steps, 144 active time, 419 active cals 2.3k burned

What's going on? Did the formula change May 1st? Did it decide I should be burning as much despite the weight I'm at not having changed that rapidly? I didn't slow my stride, nor my pace, so it can't be that.

It's pretty disheartening when I look at it even though I know it's not accurate.

I have cleared the cache, restarted the app, the numbers seem set in stone.
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Samsung Apps and Services
I noticed this happening to me 5/4 so Im here looking for solutions. Steps remained but the active time and calories burned decreased. I checked my watch this morning and it was still showing the correct data from yesterday right before it updated to todays data but health app is showing now less. Why? If you find the answer let me know
Samsung Apps and Services
Same is happening with my watch. Let me know if you found the issue.