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SHealth cannot see the activity time of many weeks

Hi, I have a problem with the Samsung Health application. After synchronizing and restoring data from the cloud, a lot of information about the time of activity and the number of steps removed. I thought it was the fault of the recovery process itself, so I deleted the data of the SHealth application and restored it again from a Samsung account. Unfortunately, this time weeks removed in several places. When I change the time on the phone to the date where the information in SHealth was deleted, then he can see it, on some days there are already many days in the application that were deleted at the time of restoring data. Unfortunately, synchronizing and restoring data does not restore the state after the missing days are shown.


I compared the graphs of activity time and training and simply the time of activity does not show the correct time, which appears even in saved workouts.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: SHealth cannot see the activity time of many weeks

What type of device are you trying to restore you Samsung Health information to?

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