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Sadly disappoint of Samsung customer service

(Topic created: 12-22-2021 06:04 PM)
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Hello Samsung!! I am a big fan of you. My husband and I live in South Korea now because of military PCS. I bought Samsung unlocked galaxy Z fold 3 for my husband's birthday gift almost three weeks ago. However, when we got the phone, it was not unlocked phone. we got it from Samsung US website, and we paid a lot for unlocked phone also we paid shipping fee because it did not ship at South Korea, so we send to our friend, and he send to South Korea to us. We did not know the phone was locked phone, so we went Samsung service center nearby Camp Humprey South Korea and they told me this phone is locked phone.
We called Samsung US and they told us to call T-Mobile because Samsung US told us that they cannot do anything, and T-mobile is going to give us the unlock Code. Therefore, we called T-mobile and they did not give us the unlocked code and Samsung US does not do anything anymore. I am so tried and frustrating and angry about this situation.
Simply Samsung should call the T-mobile and ask them about unlocked Code for us because we are at South Korea and you SAMSUNG is always advertising that Samsung is WORLDWIDE Company and take care of customer. We are waiting and doing what Samsung US asked us to do for more than three weeks now. Am I asking Samsung too much stressful problem? I am simply asking and enough waiting to solve this problem. It was my husband's dream phone and I spend a lot of money to see my husband happy face. Please Samsung US please help me?
This is our South Korea phone number 010 6816 0905 [John] please help here and it is almost Christmas so thank you for reading my message and happy merry Christmas.

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Samsung Apps and Services
Good luck they do not care, I have same issue.