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Samsung Access Subscription

(Topic created: 04-20-2021 11:39 AM)
Samsung Apps and Services
Hi, I signed up for Samsung Access for Galaxy phones. It's been over 1 one month and I'm still not able to manage subscription online. Its not showing up in my account unders subscriptions. I do see Microsoft 365 and premium care which were included in the bundle. When I look at my order page it says the Access Subscription was initiated but can't manage or do anything since its not showing up in my account
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Samsung Apps and Services

This is so frustrating after speaking to several reps no one was able to help. Why would you promote a product if your employee have 0 knowledge about it.

I bought a Note 20 through Samsung Access on 24th of March 2021, but I never receipt that the Microsoft 365 subscription details and so I called back to ask about that and no one seems to know what I was asking. So I did not have a good feeling about the product and returned the phone on April 5th in to the Samsung experience store in Westbury, NY. After waiting until April 17th I called customer care again and as usual they had no idea what to do. Also my payment was due on April 20th for Samsung financing which is managed by TD Bank, I called them a few time as well but they were not able to help much and suggested it need to come from Samsung. So I went back to the store and followed up with them and apparently they forgot to mark that processed so after they marked it completed I got the refund for the phone leaving out the insurance and Microsoft 365 subscription. Now I am running back to the circle again for the insurance and Microsoft 365 which I never received the subscription info. I am just so frustrated with this and hoping someone can help