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Samsung Activity Tracker EI-AN900AZE

(Topic created: 08-18-2021 10:29 PM)
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My step counter and sleep timer activity tracker will no longer snyc to my Activitytracker app on my Samsung S21 5G phone. I am unable to register the tracker to the phone app.  It was working fine with the app, sync as it always has, but then it just stopped talking to the app on the phone (or the app just talking to the activity tracking device!). I deregistered the device. But i can no re-register it with the app.  It no longer senses the device when in the setup registration mode.  I have tried it with multiple EI-AN900AZE trackers.....( I have 4 of them because I love them!). I know that they are discontinued.  But they worked with fine up until about  week ago!  Please don't abandon me..... I am a very faithful Samsung product consumer! What can I do to restore it's functionality and syncing to the phone app?

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I just had this happen with my active2 and s10+. Worked well until the past 2 nights. How did you resolve?
Galaxy S10+, Active2