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Samsung Calendar - All entries up to last November have disappeared!

Trying to assist my girlfriend with her Samsung Note (the newest one, whatever that is)


She uses her calendar for EVERYTHING, all very important things that she has to keep looking back on over the last few years.  She had noticed that everything from before last November no longer show up, they are not even searchable.  She checked on her older Samsung Galaxy and the same thing happened but lost everything before last April.  I downloaded the Google Calendar to her phone and everything shows the same on there with all the older info missing.  However when I go to her Google Calendar on the desktop/laptop, everything is there exactly as it should be over the last few years.


Things I have checked:

-The correct Samsung account is on both phones.

-Her Google account is still connected to her Samsung calendar app.

-I added a test entry in 2014 from the Google Calendar and it did sync over to the Samsung Calendar.  I did the same thing in the other direction from Samsung to Google with no problem.  I was also able to delete it.
-Tried clearing the cache from the Samsung Calendar app, but not the data storage.
-Restarted the phone


The only thing I have not done is click the Sync Now button on the Samsung Calenda.  Im worried that if I do this, it will sync in the wrong direction, deleting all the missing older stuff from Google as well when of course I want it to bring it all back to show on Samsung Calendar.  She has a major memory problem and has tons of very important stuff that she cannot afford to lose.


Will the Sync Now button fix everything?  Is there desktop access to the Samsung Calender like there is with Google?