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Samsung Calendar Displays Deleted Info for Weeks

(Topic created: 03-06-2023 02:35 PM)
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Dear experts and users of Samsung Calendar,

I am in need of help to get Samsung Calendar to stop displaying old deleted data, and to display data that was edited or updated, all of which pertains to Samsung Contacts data under the section where you enter dates and related reminders relevant to the respective contact.

Background information and further details:

As you may know, contact apps, such as Samsung Contacts, allow you to enter in calendar dates inside each contact, such as for reminders, birthdays, anniversaries, appointments - any date relevant to the contact. 

If you have accounts and respective apps set up, different calendar apps will display such information. For example, Google Calendar will accurately display any dates created in Samsung Contacts, and it will immediately display any changes or edits, and not display any information that was deleted. When you edit or delete or change the date in Samsung Contacts, Google Calendar recognizes the updates immediately.

Samsung Calendar, which prefers to do shenanigans, refuses to recognize any change or any deleted information. Indeed, it displays old information that was clearly deleted weeks ago. No matter what time, Samsung Calendar does not display edited information made in Samsung Contacts. And it displays phantom information deleted long in the past.

Let me be clear that this problem persists regardless of the following:
> Make sure Samsung account is logged in.
> Make sure Google account is logged in.
> Make sure Samsung Calendar is synced.
> Make sure Samsung Contacts is syned.
> Make sure Contacts accounts are synced with each other.
> Make sure respective calendars are chosen to display and are synced.
> Make sure phone software is up to date.
> Make sure Samsung Calendar app is up to date.
> Make sure Samsung Contacts app is up to date.
> Make sure internet service is working, including data and wifi.
> Make sure to clear cache and app data on Samsung Contacts.
> Make sure to clear cache and app data on Samsung Calendar.
> Make sure to restart phone.
> Make sure to communicate for hours with Samsung technical support.
None of the above steps make any difference.

To be clear, Google Calendar refuses to do these shenanigans that Samsung is doing.
It bewilders me beyond comprehension why Samsung Calendar insists to incessantly and forcibly display information that was deleted long in the past.
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Dear Sammies, not a soul responded. I will update you to inform you that this problem has resolved, and it was not a result of my actions. My belief is that there was a sync issue with Google that persisted for days and got resolved on their end. I say this, despite claiming that Google was the better big brother. Apparently, some info is synced, even if I may be on Samsung Calendar.