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Samsung Cloud - Sync'd Apps Content

It reports:

(1) calendar: 1 item

(2) contacts: 10

(3) Samsung Internet: 14

(4) Samsung Pass


I'm trying to understand what these are so that I can either clear them or transfer them to another account. You can't view them in the web page itself so I've gone into the apps on the phone (S9+). I've already sorted out (cleared) the Reminders.


1: I've gone into the Calendar app, turned on only the Samsung Account and I cannot see this item.

Enabling the "My phone" calendar also reports no events when you use Search.

It's not my birthday (as from the phone info), as it doesn't show this on the date.


2: In the Contacts app I can make it show only the Samsung Account contacts, but there are only 5 of them. So what are the other 5? Perhaps the 4 in the SIM and the Owner Info?

I can't move these contacts - you can only move contacts to the Samsung Account, e.g. from the phone or my Google account. So I will copy the existing 5 manually and delete them and see what happens.


3: I've cleared the history and there is only one bookmark (the user manual for the phone). I've cleared out all the other items too. So what are these other 13 items?


4: You can't export these, which I guess is reasonable, so I will go through them one-by-one in the app.