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Samsung Customet service is the worst

(Topic created: 08-11-2022 08:02 AM)
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I opened an account with Samsungfor financing, set it in auto payment, account is enabled but still I'm getting late fee charges, called the customer service to "speak" with a representative but the samsung customer service isn't there at all! the automated robot just take you in full circle but gives no option to speak with a human or solve the issue of why am I being charged late fees when the account is set up in auto pay and clearly has money in there. worst of the worst at customer service!.

Also best buy samsung watch is better deal than buying direct from samsung, Samsung says 50 dollar discount but at check out no discount is applied on the other hand Best Buy gives you a 40 or 60 (pro model) dollar gift card, samsung just give you a wireless charger I don't need, bad customer service, the finance website looks and act like a early 2000s website, no humans to speak with, they just give you the finger! F you samsung.



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Cosmic Ray
Samsung Apps and Services
I just received a late payment notice and my bill isn't due until September. I made an extra payment when i had some money left over and it's like they are totally ignoring that payment.