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Samsung DeX Mode - max resolution and no. of displays

Hey there,


as I'm planning my next phone purchase at the moment and I'd like to buy a handset with the maximum possible usage of the Android 10 "desktop mode", i'm trying to gather some information.

Samsung got on my mind with the DeX feature here. But to be able to understand my possibilities I have to ask some questions.


Sadly, there is no dedicated DeX board here, so I'm using the S20 board instead, since the S20 devices are the latest types of handsets with the DeX feature. But, of course, my questions also regard all other types of Samsung handsets where I don't net to have a special DeX docking station with me.
(so what I did read, this is only possible since the S10 devices, right?)


My most important question is regarding the types of displays and display-resolutions compatible with the DeX mode.

Is it correct, that using an USB-C to HDMI/DP adapter delivers a maximum resolution of "Full HD"/1080p? And only the offical DeX docking station can deliver higher resolutions?


And something I didn't find any information about:
Is it possible to use more than one screen with the DeX mode?
Since there are newer/modern types of displays with 21:9 format or 4K displays, it would be nice if DeX would support such resolutions now or in future versions. Or, if not on one display, give the possibility to connect 2 FullHD screens to it.


Which protocol does the DeX mode rely on? It this DP 1.2? Or DP 1.4? And is it DP++ (so HDMI-Out without need of active adapter needed)?


Also I did read that DeX mode isn't able to compete with other desktop OS at the moment, because there are some basic features missing most other OS have today. For example File-drag-n-drop or dragging a window to one side of the screen to make it appear on half of the screen. 
Are there any plans to "upgrade" DeX with such features in future?


Also I didn't find useful informations on the features of the USB-C connector on the different Samsung handsets.

Which of it is equipped with newest USB Standard like USB 3.2 Gen 1 or Gen 2 (so 5Gbps or even 10Gbps)?


I hope someone is able to help with my questions, as I want to make the maximum possible out of the Android 10 (or later) "desktop mode". (I don't even need those other premium features like "best photos on the market")


Thank you in advance, best regards


Re: Samsung DeX Mode - max resolution and no. of displays

Is nobody able to answer some of those questions?

Anyone from Samsung?


I'd like to buy a phone, ...but not without having the information I need.


Re: Samsung DeX Mode - max resolution and no. of displays

3440x1440, single display.


Samsung Technical Support is never available and NO Samsung employees know anything about Samsung DeX. They do not know what 1080p, 1440p, HDMI, or DisplayPort is. They have no idea what their own products support. It's just a hellish call center that never calls you back and transfers you. Samsung is the worst in this regard.


3440x1440, 2560x1440, 2560x1600, 2560x1080, 1920x1080, and 1920x1200 all work.


Samsung is happy to sell you 3840x1600 and 3840x2160 and 5120x1440 monitors, but NONE are compatible with DeX. 3840x1080 and 3840x1200 are also peculiar resolutions (that are available!), but DeX does not work with them.  


The Samsung DeX team has no ability to reply to customers, so we should assume that they will never support:


- VRR, 75hz/120hz over DeX

- Multiple monitor support

- 4K support over DeX


Samsung DeX is possible connected to a Windows PC, but nobody knows the max resolution. We can suspect it is 1920x1080.


I recommend Huawei's EMUI Desktop mode - it supports desktop mode over wireless connection, which Samsung products do not. But, it caps out at 1920x1080. LG phones also do video out, but have no dedicated software for this. You can find apps that do windowed-like OS from the play store. LG supports higher resolutions. Heart


What Samsung DeX offers is a complete mystery, thanks to their customer support being ignorant and unresponsive. I would not expect much support for DeX in the future and you may end up buying products that don't work with DeX. DeX is nice on 3440x1440, though. It's a shame all their emails go unanswered, their online chat is useless, their phone center provides no answers, and their in-store reps have no clue with DeX is or what resolutions it supports. It's a great feature that is tragically useless due to middling Samsung support and no continued efforts to continue its advancement.


If you have a high-end phone, I might recommend DeX + 3440x1440.