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Samsung Dex App download for windows 10

(Topic created: 09-09-2021 12:05 PM)
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So. I got a new computer. Wanted to install Samsung Dex.

  • Went to the samsung website,
  • navigated to Dex.
  • Download Dex for windows.
  • threw the download into virustotal because im paranoid

did a rescan to be sure.
Now, I am aware this could be a false positive. Sure.
I went to some backups of previous downloads (2019 - 2020 -early 2021)
Threw those files into totalvirus and they did NOT trigger an alert. None of them.

probably important to also point out I have tried this from multiple machines, at multiple locations. Including the phone itself. So I dont think its a DNS spoof thing.

Not sure who I should send this information to, but here it is.
Thank you

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