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Samsung Email notifictions not working

(Topic created: 05-14-2022 10:55 AM)
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I have new Galaxy S22+ and installed Samsung Email  While the app sends and receives email (I have 2 accounts) it does not not give me a notification sound when new email arrives.  I have tried:

Restarting phone

Clearing Cache Partition

Using Safe Mode

uninstalling and reinstalling App. Checked all settings, battery power savings (off), sleeping Apps (none), volume up

All other apps on my phone sound notifications and work perfectly.  Its just Samsung email that stays silent.  Google email produces sound and another email email App I installed (TypeApp) also sounds notifications.  Please help



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Samsung Apps and Services
Make sure that you have Notifications enabled and also look through Notification Categories for further options. The path is: Settings >Apps> Samsung Email>Notifications (make sure to enable and Allow sound and Vibration, then)>Notification Categories.
Also double check in the Samsung Email app that you have notifications turned on. Sounds dumb but sometimes it's the littlest things we sometimes forget. Hope this helps.