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Samsung Financing Accounts - a dozen reps, zero help

(Topic created: 08-16-2022 01:51 PM)
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Somehow I ended up with two Samsung Financing accounts. At some point, TD "merged" the accounts so only one of them is active. Unfortunately, they closed the one that's linked to my Samsung.com account. I still have access to both of them at the Samsung Financing side, but Samsung.com can only see the one with zero credit available. I have been given 8-10 different numbers to call, have been bounced around different Samsung departments and TD Bank departments and have spoken to probably a dozen or more reps, and found exactly two people who thought they could help. Neither ended up able to, even though they saw the issue. One said by deleting my email from the bad account at TD, Samsung would "purge" it from my samsung.com account. That didn't happen either.

At this point, I just want ALL my Samsung financing accounts removed from my samsung.com account. I figured if I asked for that it would be easier. Nope. They can't even do that. TD says "we have no control over Samsung.com accounts," and Samsung.com reps say "we have no access to Samsung Financing section in your account." 

I think if I can somehow get ALL accounts removed, I can use that "link your Samsung Financing account" to get the right one linked, but I'm not sure. No way to know until I can hopefully get someone to do that, but so far, no one has been able to do it. Closing the account didn't seem to do it.

I have spent perhaps 20 hours on this so far. It's utterly infuriating and I really thought SOMEONE would be able to help me fix this by now, but it looks like it's un-fixable. Has anyone found a way to do this?


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