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Samsung Financing Status

I am attempting to pre-order the new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra alongside the new Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Watch 3 and as part of the pre-order process, I filled out an application for Samsung Financing. Immediately upon finishing the Financing application, I was directed to the checkout screen where I could choose three options: Pay in Full, 36 month financing, or 24 month financing. Assuming this meant I was approved for the financing options, I selected the 24 month financing and completed the necessary information to check out.


When I went to finalize the order, I got an error messaged telling me my card was declined. Immediately after, I received multiple messages from my bank telling me that an attempted ~$1400 charge was blocked, meaning that Samsung tried to charge me in full for the devices.


I have attempted via multiple avenues, including calling Samsung Financing at 1-800-434-0050 and TD Bank at 1-800-252-2551, to try and find out whether or not I was approved for the financing and what I could do to finish my order using financing as my payment option, but both of those numbers effectively lead to the same system, where you are required to already have a Samsung Financing account number. Because I received no feedback from either the website or my email regarding the status of my Financing application, I have no means of acquiring an account number.


How am I supposed to find out whether or not I was approved for financing and how to apply it to my purchase?