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Samsung Frame tv smart things art mode crash fix

(Topic created: 09-03-2021 09:52 AM)
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I found a solution to the frame tv smart things app crashing every time you want to upload your own photos. Whole reason I bought the tv!

I believe the reason it crashes is that it’s trying to cache all the photos on your phone.

1. make an album on your phone with only the photos you want to put on tv. I chose 5

2. on iPhone go to settings / SmartThings/ photos/ and choose Selected Photos. 

3. Choose edit selected photos and go to your album and select images from that

4. open app and go to art and my collection - at this point a pop up will appear to ask to upload photos or keep selected. Choose keep selected.

5. then you should see images. I was able to crop and add a matt and upload to tv. When I said save the crop it wouldn’t allow me but just choose send to frame and it worked. 

it’s a buggy app so hope this helps!

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