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My photos are a mess. I'm trying to organize by MOVING them into Albums. However, the Gallery still isn't organized. When choosing a photo, there is a COPY selection which I would assume should keep the photos in at least 2 places. Then there is the MOVE selection which "should" keep the photos in ONE place. Appears both selections do the same thing and makes a copy, leaving one in the mess that is the Gallery. Am I doing something wrong? Missing a step? Why is it like that? What app creator thought this through?
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@userjHySqgmbo4 I think you have a misunderstanding of the Gallery operation. When you have Pictures selected at the bottom of the page, Gallery will show you ALL the photos in ALL the albums. 

If you only want to see photos in a certain album, you must click on Albums at the bottom of the screen and view that album. 

There is an album called Camera. If you take a photo, by default the photo goes into that album. 

  • If you Move the photo to another album, it will no longer be in the Camera album but it will be in the album you moved it to. This has no effect on total storage since you simply moved a picture. 
  • If you Copy the photo to another album, the original will remain in the Camera album and a copy will be in the album you copied it to. This uses more storage since now you have 2 copies of the picture. 

Regardless of which operation you do above, it will still be visible in Gallery if you select Pictures at the bottom of the screen. 

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The pictures function should not leave moved pics when creating albums. This leaves no option for privacy or organization. I think I'm going to have to replace this app.