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Samsung Health Global Friends?

(Topic created on: 2/12/21 1:24 PM)
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I have been using the Samsung Health for several months and I don't understand why I can put someone in my friends group but I have no way to communicate with them. When I try to race with them they don't respond. And when I look at their friend list I am not in it. What is the point? Samsung Health talks about how we can walk with people around the world but if we can't communicate with them or let them know that we put them in our friends list know what the is the point? I have 26 people in my friends list none of which have me listed as their friend. there's absolutely no way I can communicate with them so other than walking with a picture I'm not actually walking with anybody. I figured with how Samsung is so advanced they would have a better way to communicate with people who are also in Samsung Health. 

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