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Samsung Health: Men's Health Section

(Topic created on: 4/18/21 4:50 AM)
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Hey guys, this app is by far one of the best tools I've come across in health & wellness, but it has one major drawback that keeps pushing me towards other apps: there is no "Men's Health Section".

Every time I pull up the fitness portion of the app, 88% of the images are geared towards women (only 4 images seem welcoming to a male audience), and the section at the bottom of my "male" account is labeled "Women's Health" with such articles as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and How To Beat Your PMS, among many other female gender specific articles.

As a male user, I keep getting the impression that I am not welcome on the fitness portion of the app, and it drives me to find other apps to use instead. Mostly I find myself unhappy with all of the other apps in comparison to the slick and stylish layout of the Samsung Health app. And having to log so much information into a plethora of apps makes me feel like I'm gaining weight sitting there navigating everything when I could just be knee deep in a workout already.

I would love to see your selected gender in the bio affect all of this content. I would really love to see a "Men's Health" section at the bottom. And I would love to see more male trainers or partners contributing to the platform.

But you don't have to strip away everything; sometimes I would really like to understand certain aspects of my wife's health better. So maybe behind gendered recommendations about whats seen or not seen, there could be a "see more" category that opens the options up to all of them for both genders.

Thanks Samsung! You all rock :guitar: 

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