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Samsung Health Sucks!

(Topic created on: 3/29/21 6:52 PM)
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This app sucks. People who just set their phones or samsung watches to some random machines and make them detect that movement keep cheating and increase their steps by 100K per day and people who don't have stupid samsung watches, but other android watches can't even sync with this stupid samsung app. I walked more than 20K steps yesterday but the stupid phone was in my pocket for only 5K of them. 
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Samsung Apps and Services

Yeah I stopped wearing mine and switch over to a garmin forerunner. I had recently had a stroke so I was monitoring heart rate and the Samsung active2 was registering 110 heart rate and started increasing to 160 I freaked out and thought what is happening. I checked pulse on my neck and I was 60 at most. It freaked me out I just found it inaccurate at sleeping logs too