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Samsung Health Together App nudges not working in challenge

Hey everyone, I've been using the Samsung Health Together App feature for the past month or so with no issues. One of my friends and I have had several 1:1 challenges; however, although she can see all the custom nudge messages I send her through the challenge screen, her custom nudges are not coming through to my end. I don't get any notifications that I've received a nudge from her, and no messages from her have appeared on the challenge screen. I don't have any problems with sending or receiving these nudges to all my other friends, it's just her. This has happened over several challenges between us. I've tried clearing my app cache data and nothing's changed (though I don't know if she's tried doing that). We can still comment on each other's posts just fine, and we get notifications if one of us cheers or replies to the other person's post or comment. Do you guys have any suggestions or fixes? Thank you!!