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Samsung Health and related apps

(Topic created: 11-22-2021 04:54 AM)
Samsung Apps and Services
I've decided to go all in with Samsung Health, Health Monitor, Health Platform.
So far I've no real negative comments. Yet.

On the positive side having some diabetes, and other issues, I'm entering food now in Samsung Health and manually entering a bunch of my stored glucose readings to catch up in the app. Even though Samsung Health finds my 1 meter on scanning accessories, it will not pair and so I can't import the old readings. Nor is there an import .csv file. I can export .csv from One Touch Reveal app and Contour Next One app. That needs work to import readings either by file or Bluetooth import if possible.

It would also be great if more meters were compatible and able to store a reading directly into Samsung Health glucose area.

Haven't tried Samsung Health export glucose readings data yet but will soon. Hoping for a good, comprehensive report to show doctor.

All the health readings from Watch 4 are working great. Had a minor sleep glitch.
Phone is S205G.

Don't know yet about meds, looks like only insulin and notes, which I dont have to take yet. There needs to be a database of insulin and non insulin meds also, that can be entered with reminders and snooze etc., for daily reminders, times, alarms, dose mg, mcg, grams etc. Old people like me, lots of meds and supplements daily. These should be stired as well.

Overall, Watch 4 which I use for health only and it's working mostly great. Sleep glitch once. For me and using health only, about 68 hours between charges on watch 4.
The Health apps, the same so far working great.

Looking forward to deleting some other brand health/food apps etc. I've been using for food and exercise, still have to use my meds reminder app and maybe a couple others.

Again, keep progressing with additions to the Health apps.

Will consider just going in slowly for other Samsung world apps and replace some of Google's maybe, TBD.😉

Also using the Beta 12 1UI. A work in progress as expected.

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