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Samsung MX JS 9500 stereo system

(Topic created on: 2/17/21 3:13 PM)
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3 months ago the stereo receiver stopped working. I paid to have it shipped and never got a response back , other than confirmation text it was received. i purchased it 5 years ago for $ 1350. I used it about 50 times in 5 years. So today i decide to call as tracking system samsung provided me has shown that it is in the process of being repaired. I found out parts are no longer available and they are offering me $134 in return. I spoke to an appliance tech a month or so ago and he basically told me that if you buy products that are not built in US you’ll often find yourself in the same predicament. Much easier to come across parts that are manufactured in US. So after over 2 hours of phone time with Samsung rep who couldn’t even tell me what state or country they were conversing from, I decided to discontinue call and will try to get a supervisor on my next day off. I will never buy from Samsung again... too risky for a poor old dog like myself who busts his rear off to make extra money to buy amenities like this stereo.

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