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Samsung Music Cloud Storage?

(Topic created: 05-10-2022 09:09 PM)
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I have a suggestion that would make Samsung Music alot more usable and relevant. 

Let's say I want to upload my music to the "Samsung music cloud", that way I can listen to my music over internet connection, without the music being stored on the phone, taking up alot of space. Pretty much what Google does with "YouTube Music" but better or you can just bring back the SD card slot.

Please and thank you😁
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YES!!!! PLEASE BRING BACK THE SD CARD SLOT! I hate not being able to switch phone to phone without having to access the internet! What if i want to listen to music and my internet is down?!?!? 😒 I also like being able to remove the SD card an save my music to my laptop for listening later. They've already tried doing the no SD card slot in the S6 which is why I skipped upgrading my phone that year. Had I known the S21 didn't have the SD slot I would have skipped upgrading until they brought back the SD slot to Samsung phones. I hate it and will not be upgrading unit they do!