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Samsung Notes... Smh!

(Topic created: 09-02-2021 11:41 AM)
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Since the last update the Notes app is now displaying note titles BELOW the note instead of above the note like it's always been. And on top of that, the title is no longer displayed within the frame of the note preview. It's now totally disconnected, so it appears the title is just floating between two notes with no visible connection to either. I have no clue why on Earth anyone thought it'd be a good idea but it is incredibly jarring on the eyes and makes everything look so unorganized and cluttered. Why was this done? And who proposed the idea?? Seriously...

Samsung, PLEASE fix the issue by reverting the titles to the way they were displayed before the update, ABOVE and ATTACHED to the notes, and PLEASE stop trying to update the Notes app. We loved it because it was simple and neat, straight forward. But the last year has completely changed and ruined the app for me. Ever since the first major update that changed the design of the layout towards the end of last year, it removed every note from it's respective category (now those folders are just empty) and the update also divided each of my old notes (displayed with infinite scroll, for specific reasons) into split pages. And there is STILL no way to convert ALL of my notes back to infinite scroll at once without changing each note separately, one by one. And I have hundreds... Smh. 

I guess I'll be switching to a new app until this is fixed. Hopefully it is. 

EDIT: I've also noticed that the body of text (on the note preview screen) is now displayed in BOLD, exactly like the title. It used to only be the titles displayed in BOLD to help you search and locate each note, with the text body being smaller and less noticable. Now I can't even tell the difference between the note titles and the note body on the preview page. It just all looks like one ridiculously long title. I am so frustrated with this update, I've never felt disappointed in an app before. Wish I never invested so much time and work into structuring my writing with this app. 

Please get it together Samsung.
This last update has proved to be atrocious.

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