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Samsung Notes app - handwrite stays on same position on screen

(Topic created: 08-18-2022 09:24 AM)
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Dear Samsung Team,

I am using the application Samsung Notes (version on my tablet tab S6 lite. The app was really awesome to use for my studies, but now I updated it to the new version (I had the version before 2020, so my notes were of the old format) and a huge problem started. I mixed keyboard text and handwrite all along the note. After the update the handwrite stays on the same screen position, even if I add text above it. If the text is long, it covers the handwrite, making both unreadable and completely ruining the structure of the note. You can see that in the attached YouTube video. I really don’t understand how that's a feature. Why does the handwrite stay in the same position, when everything else in the note moves? This “feature” means that you can’t edit the upper parts of the note, because it would mess up all the text and handwrite under it. Please, change it because it’s really bad. I really can’t use the app anymore, and I used it a lot. Thank you in advance.
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