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Samsung Notes app update feedback

(Topic created on: 4/30/21 2:35 AM)
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The new update on Samsung Notes is awful in regards to it's digital painting. Please include the previous brush options or revert the application version.
I used to prefer this app due to it's fairly consistent brush strokes, brush sizes, and color blending/opacity. Most other apps use the same new style of electronic painting, which this was updated to, mimicking gimp and photoshop (both of which are terrible for quickly annotating design thoughts/rough-drafts). I used to enjoy this program for designing pixel art concepts, sketching broad painting layouts, and jewelry blueprint rough drafts (prior to using Paint.NET as a way to add definite details and pixel-by-pixel modifications to construct my image as I truly desired). Since this new update, this app has become entirely useless to me and holding text based notes through self-sent texts is starting to seem more efficient. Even making borderlines for embroidery designs or lazer-cut images, this update has made this app become a hurdle to simply jot down my ideas. In regards to digitizing programs, which require colors that are similar prior to blending into the nearest color selected, this app has become useless as well (ie: paint bucket tools, sewart, image rendering programs, and etcetera). I'm better off scraping my phone screen with a knife to remember my design concepts.

-Google Play directed me here when I tried to leave a review and contact customer service to leave this negative feedback.-
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