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Samsung Notes for Windows 10

I love the pens on this app, no complaints there. I much prefer this for the pen experience to Onenote, which was my go to for my surface. I am now on the galaxy flex, and the palm rejection is iffy on this laptop for some reason with onenote, so I tried samsung notes. The s pen works much more seamlessly on it. I primarily use the pen, so that experience makes me want to use the samsung notes, but it has huge drawbacks:


  • templates are seemingly formatted for a phone. the rule lines are huge for a computer screen
  • very little template variety, having an agenda template like s note would be nice.
  • no sync to onenote on desktop (i am an iphone user who prefers windows pc's, so i would have no way to see my notes on my phone)
  • little customization in general
  • cannot color code folders
  • cannot change size of pages
  • no landscape option
  • cannot print pdfs onto a template, where you have room to write next to it (right now i am having to format powerpoints to have a rulled handout,then print to pdf, and then insert)
  • cannot file printout anything but pdf, this is a pain for students who need to annotate over powerpoints 
  • it would be easier to have a insert printout function where
  • it would be nice to have a pdf function to save it locally, if it didnt do the copy of a pdf this app would supercede drawboard for me. it is crucial to have annotations that can be saved to the cloud.
  • eraser size needs to be adjustable for stroke, it is too big and often ends up erasing too much
  • eraser should also be able to erase ink to shape
  • folders would be better as tabs or soemthing closer to the experience of a notebook
  • sort by should have a custom order, to where i can just rearrage them. if you need go and add something it would mess the whole order up.
  • the folder system is outdated in general. having a tabbed navigation would be ideal. this app seems like it wants to both be a quick note (such as the favorite note pages) and a full notebook, there needs to be more features to be a complete note taking app.
  • the easy writing pad moves to the side if you erase.

I love pretty much everything about the pen. the fountain pen is great for cursive, the highlighters are great, the color groups are revolutionary for someone who loves having matching cohesive colors.