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Samsung Notes not syncing fully

(Topic created: 03-02-2022 11:12 PM)
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Hi! My Samsung Notes on my Tab a7 lite is not syncing fully ? Help.

As in I am supposed to have 9 Pages of notes but I only see 5.


I have a Samsung Galaxy Book Pro(GBP) 360 and I use Samsung Notes on it. I have 9 Pages of notes on my GBP.  I only see 5 Pages of notes on my tablet even after I tried syncing it. I am guessing this is an issue with my tablet as I have uninstalled and reinstall Samsung notes on my GBP and all 9 Pages of notes came back on.


I have tried:

1. Rebooting my tablet.

2. Signing in and out of my Samsung account

3. Uninstalling and reinstalling my Samsung notes app

4. Tapping on the sync button 

5. Resetting my settings

6. Clearing data and cache of Samsung notes and Samsung cloud on my tablet

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