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Samsung Pass Galaxy A12

(Topic created: 04-23-2022 05:44 PM)
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My first Galaxy was an S7. Had it for a few years, then upgraded to the Note 9. Had the Note 9 for a few years, then upgraded to the S21 Ultra. The S21 Ultra was, by far, the most incredible phone that I have ever used. I can't remember for sure if I started using Samsung Pass on the Note 9, or the S21 Ultra. But I found the application extremely useful, and invaluable. I had been with AT&T through those years. My S21 Ultra was completely paid off, and AT&T did me very wrong on a bill, which they did not care to fix, or even work with me on. I switched to T-Mobile. Even though my phone was completely paid off, AT&T would not unlock it, because I still owed them on their outrageous bill. Unable to put down the money for another high end Galaxy, I got the A12 on a promotional offer. I have since found out that Samsung Pass is not compatible with the A12.

 That being said, are the passwords stored in Samsung Pass just stored in the application, on the particular device, or can they also be accessed through the website, in my Samsung account?

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