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Samsung Pay Cash

(Topic created: 07-29-2022 12:12 PM)
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I closed my Samsung Pay account due to the incompetence of the customer support. It's going on a month now and they won't refund me the remaining $212.14 balance. I have talked to 20+ agents that have all given me different answers. When I call they give me attitude because I've called so much but when one of them tell me my money will be "100% definitely going to have your refund deposited into your account on [insert multiple different days that it doesn't come]." 

I am at the verge of tears. I'm actually on hold with them right now, yet again, FOR ANOTHER HOUR on hold. So, if anyone can give me some advice it would appreciated more than I can express. 

Also, I just got off the phone and they said the check has been sent.. For the 4th time.. But the last 3 times they said it was sent I would have to call because we never received it and we would get, "it wasn't sent because of [insert different reasons FROM MULTIPLE SUPERVISORS!]." Everytime they "mail" the check again. 


Suzanne V Smith
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