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Samsung Pay Security

Hi all,

I have been using Samsung Pay for a while but not recently.  When I went on to it yesterday I noticed that I no longer need to use my fingerprint to open the app. I still need to use it to make a payment. Setting aside that the phone has to be unlocked by me to open the app, I was still amazed to see that my card details (Card number not fully shown) and all my transactions on the card were visible without me having to unlock anything. So if I unlock my phone and someone picks it up, or if it connected to a truste Bluetooth device, they have the ability to see all my transactions made if they open the Samsung Pay app. Is this the same for everyone or have I missed a security setting somewhere? If I open my banking app I have to unlock it with fingerprints before I can see anything, the same with my creit cards, but if I open Samsung pay it shows everything without security... it doesn't ask for security until I pay.  I would rather not let my family see my transactions just by opening the app, there should be security to open it and to pay.

Cosmic Ray

Re: Samsung Pay Security

You haven't missed any security settings. I don't have an issue with it but I understand your point.