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Samsung Store vs Play Store vs Getjar vs Blackmart

(Topic created: 08-23-2021 05:30 PM)
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Hey folks, what are your views about these stores? What are the pros and cons, I found  blackmart more valuable as it has all the apps which are available on other big app stores, also the getjar is nice too. Is it safe to use the blackmart in my Samsung phone? or should I avoid using it?

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Cosmic Ray
Samsung Apps and Services
Not familiar with Blackmart or Getjar, but generally speaking, supporting 3rd party app stores is one of the best things you can do as it supports competition which ultimately is a win for consumers. That's basic economics 101. Unless you want google to be the only store similar to apples app store who has the only say on what software you can or can't use on your personal device, then I suggest you use as many 3rd party app stores as possible. Samsung store and Amazon store are great options.