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Samsung Washing machine

Looked up Samsung appliances on Consumer Reports ratings and was listed as some of the best......WRONG!!!!!

Our family purchased 8 of the Side By Side Refrigerators and I purchased the Front Load Washer and Dryer Set......Personally spent over $4000.oo on the equipment I purchased.  Began purchases around 6.5-7 years ago.  To date 6 of the 8 Refrigerators are toast and the washer is going to the dump today.  I BEGAN HAVING PROBLEMS WITH THE WASHER WITHING THE FIRST 6 MONTHS..... Called Customer Service.....DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY.   Nothing but a waste of time trying to deal with those imbuciles.  They are no help and the only thing they will say is "Ohh yessir, I understand"  No they don't.

Every repair person I have spoken with has said that the Samsung appliances are terrible.....The washer is a little over 6 years old and you cant even get parts to repair it if you wanted.  


Went with SPEED QUEEN Washer to replace the Samsung junk......

Avoid Samsung like the plague.