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Samsung blames customer

(Topic created: 10-28-2021 07:05 PM)
Cosmic Ray
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My account got deleted on behalf of a Samsung advice specialist a specialist is no longer recoverable I law I lost over $2000 in dollars in product registration serial numbers as well as warranty talking about Apple care Apple care plus a lot of stuff that was registered because of the manufacturer's warranty. I then have been fighting since Saturday to attempt to register everything I had and figure out a way to make sure the warranty was on there I was yesterday I was connected to / 15 to 20 people hung up on 9 ninteen times and nobody ever called me back when I got hung up once and Saturday. Only one person called me back and was kind to me I emailed messages trying to get the apartment said to communicate with each other that I needed help instead they blamed me It's a shame that my wife and I've been customers of Samsung for about 10 years now.. Unfortunately they these people all they want to do is say they can't help you there's no supervisor and then oh yeah we'll connect you and then click the hang up on you Samsung you need to make this right by me I am done being pushed around and ignored
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Samsung Apps and Services
Sounds about right