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Samsung internet.

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Samsung Apps and Services
Opens when I am using other apps. Can not shut it off or delete it. I tried to remove permissions but still pops up. Any help with stopping this issue or deleting the app would be greatly appritiated.
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Red Giant
Samsung Apps and Services
Open Samsung Internet, then press the 3 lines button and open settings. Under privacy select "discontinue use of Samsung Internet"

Go into device settings>apps>Samsung Internet>more options(3 dots)>uninstall updates

Device settings>apps>more options(3 dots) default apps>browser app> if its Samsung Internet change it to your new default.20220813_155641_21677_1660431401.jpgScreenshot_20220813-155023_Samsung Internet_21672_1660431023.jpg20220813_155632_21676_1660431392.jpg