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Samsung pay Cashback Rewards via Groupon

(Topic created on: 5/1/21 1:56 PM)
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Can anyone help me to understand how one gets the cashback rewards using Samsung pay? While in the Samsung Pay App  you can see where you can  the cashback rewards. So say Samsung Pay has a cashback reward of 10% when shopping at Groupon. Next, you click the  bottom where it says EARN CASH BACK AT GROUPON which routes you to the groupon site ( note - I am still in the Samsung Pay app). Once you selected things for purchase you go to checkout as one normally would do. Payment options on Groupon are as follows: Credit/Debit card, PayPal, and Google Pay in that order exactly  (Remember  I am still in the Samsung pay app). So, as you see there is LITERALLY no way to pay with Samsung Pay as it is not offered by Groupon. I did a little research and I know Samsung has offered cashback rewards at Groupon dating back to at least 2018. SAMSUNG MONEY SOFI card was first introduced in May of 2020. I say this merely to be thorough and to not get a response that says, Cashback Rewards can be received at Groupon with Samsung Money Sofi card ...(which I am sure is a way to get cashback but how could you do so for the 2 years prior to the cards existence?) So I guess my question is, does Samsung pay simply know that you should receive the rewards because you purchased items from Groupon while going through the app even though you pay with Google Pay or PayPal or is it just false advertisement on behalf of Samsung? I wrote Samsung but they tried going around the subject as to confuse me and completely avoided my question.. I will post that email to show what response I got so you all can see what I mean. Any help would be great and a real factual Answer from someone who has received  Groupon rewards would be amazing.  Thanks guys!
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