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Samsung pay

I have a huge question for anyone that can answer it for me please please. I at first bought the Samsung A50 and it had Samsung pay on it so I one day decided to give it a try well before I could even start using it and adding other accounts to it and it to other accounts and gather all my info from it my phone messed up on me so had to return it to the store before my 14/days was up and I was out 300$ I paid for it well when I did I treaded it in on the A20/BC they was out of the other one so that was closes thing they had to it plus it saved me hundred dollars. Well little did I know the A20 for some reason doesn't support the Samsung pay app so I can't use it at all

Well my big problems here I need major huge help with is I added my Samsung acct to my direct deposit on my pay check and now I have over three grand on a account I can't get to or fig out how in the world to get my money from that account to another I don't have a reg debit card for the acct only had the virtually one they give and how ever else u use it but no real card to go to ATM to withdraw can anyone tell me olease how to get my money

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Samsung pay

Hi there, I recommend reaching out to our Samsung Pay team for support. They can be reached at: 844-726-7297