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Secure Folder - can't change apps permissions

(Topic created: 10-19-2021 06:01 PM)
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I installed twitter in the secure folder but I can't change any of the permissions, they are opaque and cannot be changed. A green icon with an "i" inside appears next to each permission. When pressing any permission, a message appears saying: "Unable to take action. You do not have permission to take this action. Contact your organization's IT administrator for more information." This message has two options, Learn More and OK. When I press learn more, another message about the secure folder appears with two options, Cancel and Delete job profile.
These images below are in the order they appear.
Has anyone managed to install any app and managed to change the permissions?

Screenshot_20211019-215310_Package installer.jpgScreenshot_20211019-215336_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20211019-215343_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20211019-215353_Settings.jpg

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