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Secure Folder problems after switching to new phone

(Topic created: 12-03-2021 01:13 PM)
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Hi friends.

I upgraded from an S8 to an S21 and my phone arrived on November 30th. I did the Samsung Switch thing to transfer all my stuff to my new phone, and when I got to the Secure Folder part my S8 asked me to create a password that I could enter on my S21 to unlock and restore the newly transferred Secure Folder files. Because this seemed to me like a one-time password, I used my basic password that I used to use for everything (before I started getting more serious about security haha) and didn't bother to write it down because I know it by heart. Once the Samsung Switch process was complete, it was already late in the day so I went to bed.

The next day, I went to enter my Secure Folder and was prompted for the password. I entered it, but it said that the password was incorrect. I've now been trying to unlock the Folder and restore this backup for the past two days, trying every password I can think of - literally going through all of my saved passwords for literally every account I have for everything - but nothing is working.

Today, I just found out that Samsung Cloud discontinued their service on November 30th, deleting all data after that date. I'm fairly sure that I backed up my data to Samsung Cloud before starting the Samsung Switch process, but now that I learned about the discontinuation I think I might've gotten **bleep** over, like if the password I added doesn't work with the restore anymore because Samsung Cloud doesn't recognize it anymore. I also don't seem to have any backups I can restore to in my Verizon Cloud or Google Drive.

If anyone can help me, I'd appreciate it.

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Cosmic Ray
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Yes, they discontinued the Gallery backup of pictures and videos and the backup of Secure Folder with Samsung Cloud. The rest of the stuff can still be backed up with Samsung Cloud though. They let you connect OneDrive for the Gallery backup, but only 5 GB of free space.

According to the Settings > Restore From Backup page in Secure Folder, it says backups of Secure Folder that are in Samsung Cloud can still be restored {see screenshot}: You may have to reset Secure Folder so you can get to that page to restore it from Samsung Cloud, but obviously you may lose some stuff depending on when the last backup was done.

If you don't have a backup of Secure Folder in Samsung Cloud, maybe you could reset Secure Folder and do Smart Switch again, but only select for it to transfer Secure Folder this time? Assuming you still have the old S8 that is. When I transferred my Secure Folder from my S10+ to my Z Fold3 in September, I could have sworn I just used my regular Samsung password and it required me to setup a PIN to access to it. So, now it only allows me to use my fingerprint or PIN.Screenshot_20211203-170625_Secure Folder_34454_1638573006.jpgScreenshot_20211203-170409_Samsung Cloud_34451_1638572650.jpg