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Service deactivation by Samsung

(Topic created: 10-28-2021 11:09 AM)
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Dear Samsung 

It is with utmost frustration and disappointment that I write in to make a formal complaint.
I sent my phone in to Samsung for repair on issues with the GPS locator. I had no other problems with my Samsung A51.
My device was bought on Amazon less than 12 months ago and I was initially told by Samsung Customer Service that it was still under Warranty.
After sending the phone in by UPS next day delivery, I received email and text message confirming the receipt by Samsung.
Days later, I was informed by email that the repairs would cost me $280. 
However, upon contacting Samsung's Technical Support, I was told that my device was considered "International" and as such- out of warranty.
Eventually I agreed to pay the cost. I was told the return of my device could take up to 30days. Having already being without my phone for almost 2 weeks, I kindly asked Samsung to return my device. 
I got device on Fri Oct 22 by 10am. 
Device was charged and then I proceeded to get my service provider to do the necessary switching.
This was unsuccessful and I spent the better of 4 hours on the phone with provider MetroPCS by T Mobile trying to resolve this issue. 
Upon further testing by the use of another provider's SIM card, it was deduced that the issue was with the phone. I was advised to contact Samsung.
Still spending the majority of my work time on the phone, I immediately contacted Samsung, only to be told that "it will take up to 3-5 days for my services to be reactivated because device is international". I was livid!
I wasted an entire work day back and forth with my provider only to find out that Samsung has not activated.
I am only led to believe that Samsung has intentionally jeopardize my services and put me in more inconvenience because I canceled the repair.
In the same manner I was emailed about the cost for repairs, I could have been informed that my services are not activated.
I have waited to send this email hoping that services would be resumed. Unfortunately at the point of writing this email- Oct 28, 2021, my services are still not reactivated.
This is totally unacceptable. 
I am putting this as a formal complaint and my complete lack of confidence in Samsung. 
I am requesting this to be addressed urgently. I should not have to be calling around to be told this.
I also urgently need to get my services working as I have already been days without it- and it's been total inconvenience.
I can't seem to get an email address from Samsung to file my complaint. I keep getting directed to Samsung Community, so there goes.
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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
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Good afternoon, we would be happy to look into this for you. I definitely understand your frustrations. Mind sending me a private message here with your most recent ticket number: https://bit.ly/3pE8Pkc

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