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Simple Theme Making

Let's start making the theme, first of all, we will choose the background for our device, there will be 2 lock screens and normal screen, we will download 2 quality backgrounds from the internet. I will download the background of the football team, Galatasaray

Now let's move on to the steps you need to do, I have mentioned in the previous topic, we will download NICE LOCK. You can download it from any store. Then we will download the application called Theme Park, download as APK


Now let's log in to the app

Let's Press the Design New Theme Section ..

It will give us two options, one is valid wallpaper and one is gallery I choose gallery to add new theme

I choose the wallpaper that I downloaded from the gallery, let us open the settings screen as follows.

We touch the lock screen section, there is an option to change it. We press it, we choose the theme we downloaded for the lock

There is a download sign at the top, we press it. Let's name the theme we made. I'm writing my username

Let's press the OK part ..; our theme is preparing ..

Let's go to My Themes section and choose the theme we made.